What I Have Seen and Heard is a heartfelt and deeply moving work combining the significant moments in the Gospel of St. John.  It was deeply moving for the audience and a delight for the chorus to perform.  I am sure it will have many more performances in the future. 

Philip Brunelle, Artistic Director and Founder, VocalEssence


A young musician becoming more widely known in our region.

As Beethoven said, “From the heart, to the heart”.  [I’ll Meet You Again], another very delicious score by Sebastian Modarelli.

Michael Barone, American Public Media


The creation music in the opening section [of What I Have Seen and Heard] and the rising harmonics in the triumphant final scene — sung in Latin, in both cases — were striking, and Modarelli took fullest advantage of the text’s dramatic potential in the scene where Jesus defends and forgives the adulterous woman.

Jay Furst, Manager Editor, Postbulletin


We were honoured to have been asked to premiere 'Duet' for cello and organ as part of our concert at First Presbyterian Church in Rochester MN. A wonderful exploration of the possibilities of writing for organ and cello, Sebastian's substantial work gives equal importance to both instruments and has moments of both awesome power and intimate beauty. We greatly enjoyed learning and performing his music.

Svyati Duo, UK


Variations on Picardy has both moments of lyrical expressiveness as well as elements of rhythmic appeal.  It was a real pleasure to play, and the glorious ending made an overwhelming impact on the audience

Angela Schmid, Oboist, University of Illinois School of Music

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